ALUMNI Partners advises Cherkizovo Group on acquiring Vishnevsky Selective Breeding and Genetics Centre in the Orenburg Region

The ALUMNI Partners team has successfully assisted Cherkizovo Group in acquiring Vishnevsky Selective Breeding and Genetics Centre in the Orenburg Region. The transaction enables the company to participate in developing Russian pedigree pig breeding with a view to reducing the industry’s dependence on imports.

Under the terms of the agreement, APK Mikhailovsky and Cherkizovo-Pig Breeding (both companies belonging to Cherkizovo Group) now own 99% and 1%, respectively, in Vishnevsky Selective Breeding and Genetics Centre.

Established in 2006 in the Orenburg Region, Vishnevsky Centre breeds thoroughbred Yorkshire, Duroc and Landrace pigs, as well as F1 hybrid pigs. It also engages in commercial swine production, with a pig stock of more than 250,000 head a year, and has five sites manufacturing meat products.

Cherkizovo Group has never operated in the Orenburg Region previously. In this new area, the company will be able to engage independently in pig selective breeding and genetics. This will not only strengthen its own vertical integration in pig production but will also contribute to reducing the entire industry’s dependence on imported pedigree material by meeting market demand for high quality products.

The ALUMNI Partners project team was headed by Yuri Chernobrivtsev, Partner, Real Estate and Construction, with leading support from Anastasia Kudryashova, Senior Associate, Corporate. The team also included:

Corporate / M&A:
Anton Panchenkov
Gleb Aleksandov
Erast Khagba

Real Estate and Construction:
Inna Firsova
Olga Yarunina

Intellectual Property:
Elena Trusova
Anton Nefedev  

Dispute Resolution:
Marina Ivanova
Dmitry Ludanin

Employment, Pensions and Benefits:
Nadezhda Ilyushina
Yuri Ivanov  

White Collar Crime Defence:
Antonina Potanina
Dmitry Volkovoy