ALUMNI Partners is now on the list of advisory firms providing services to private clients has, for the first time ever, undertaken in-depth market research into services for high-net-worth individuals and business owners. The research addresses all practice areas – from sanctions through cryptocurrencies to family matters and beneficiaries’ responsibility.  The listing identifies the jurisdictions where consultancies operate and helps to connect with trustworthy partners and contractors.

ALUMNI Partners is listed among firms providing services in the top 5 jurisdictions, including Cyprus, UK, USA, UAE and Switzerland, and for all seven practice areas covered by the research: work under restrictions and sanctions, liaising with the state and government control, cooperation with contractors and business partners, international projects, business beneficiaries’ responsibility, investments and investment citizenship, family and heirs’ influence on capital.

 ALUMNI Partners Private Client Practice offers support in resolving highly complicated matters associated with asset ownership structuring in Russia and foreign jurisdictions, succession and estate planning, including cross-border arrangements, establishment and operation of trusts and funds, tax planning for private individuals in Russia and abroad.
The team has a wealth of experience advising high net and ultra high net worth individuals from Russia, including those owning assets abroad, having foreign citizenships and business interests across the globe.

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