ALUMNI Partners recommended by Forbes Ranking

Forbes Club has released its research on the best Russian law firms offering legal protection services to high net worth clients — Forbes Club Legal Ranking. ALUMNI Partners is recognised in several areas:

·       Asset transactions. Corporate structuring of personal assets
·       Asset transactions. Real estate transactions/construction
·       International projects. Cross-border disputes

Leading firms:
·       Crisis management. Personal assets and business protection in Russia/asset restructuring

Recommended firms:
·       Conflicts and crisis management. Conflict resolution
·       Crisis management. Secondary liability prevention
·       Personal interests protection. Estate planning

Forbes Club Legal Ranking is a Forbes Club non-commercial project seeking to help high net worth individuals and Forbes Club members in choosing a reliable legal advisor and fiduciary who can help protect their interests in a complicated personal or business situation, one with top-notch expertise and who is totally engaged in solving their problems while being committed to the highest ethical standards and service excellence.    

More details are available on the ranking website >>